a girl standing facing the ocean

Unrequited love is a feeling that everyone goes through their life,once or even twice.

But some people never come over it.They find it safe because a love in which we are bound to have no expectations from the partner turn out to be a comfort zone. Some people no matter how unreasonable their love is tend to stay in a one sided love forever than ever finding someone who might lift them up. The realization that our heart is so strong that it still takes every chance to fall in love with the same person over and over,even though it leads to shattering of their heart gives a weird satisfaction.

How often do we hear people falling in love in the most unique way? We cant help but fantasy to fall in love with someone too. The more difficulties we face to stay in love,the more interesting the story becomes.

But what if love is not supposed to be legendary? What if it is supposed to be simple and genuine? Wouldn’t it be same ?

The reason why one sided love is ignored in a society is because we are searching for a love story that’s complete. Whereas unrequited love is as incomplete as a person’s dream in a middle class family.

But who said love was supposed to be complete? Who said that has to be a two way thing? Although there is trend in the society that we must follow,it is to find someone that loves you so that you can prove there is nothing wrong with you,but we still are never able to forget the love that couldn’t be ours.

The love thats complete lose its importance someday unlike an unrequited love ,it has demands, and we suck at fulfilling them leaving our partners miserable. Whereas a love which doesn’t even asks for love in return never vanishes, it stays, even if the person is long gone.

Crazy but worth it