How often do we follow our instincts?

Do you think justifying an action by stating that you felt like it from within reasonable? Its not wrong, following your instincts, doing what you felt like. But that depends on the way you process situations.

The main element when you process your situation handling skills is to accept your insecurities. How often have you found yourself using worry as a sheild to save yourself from whats coming? In no time you start getting overheated, explaining yourself what could possibly go wrong, because you find it satisfying when it doesnt reach that extent. Thats the worst you can do to your mental health, you allow yourself to go through a thought cycle that makes you smash your head on the wall while working on the situation. Would you still trust your instinct then?

We possibly make the worst judgements when we let our insecurities handle the situation so that it doesnt get shittier. But you make a short and comfortable way for the shit to come to your way. Make yourself confront your insecurities first, talk to yourself. Making everything about yourself makes it easier for people to piss you off even when they werent trying to.

Life isnt easy for anyone, everyone has their own fight. Looking up for people to save you is the reason you feel unsafe. Crumbling at someone’s word makes it easy for you to break.

When that thought hits, that triggerimg thought, hold yourself, justify yourself first, and if it feels reasonable go with it. Chances are you wont be able to find it reasonable.

Think before you act but first make your thinking reasonable, not everything can destroy you. You are strong and weak depends on what you believe yourself to be.

Crazy but worth it